Special Automation

Special Automation

Moving srl is specialized in the design and manufacture of special automations designed to satisfy 100% customer needs. These are completely dedicated systems that minimize cycle times and increasing the productivity of your company.

Using the best hardware and software technologies available on the market it is in fact possible to develop systems with a high degree of efficiency able to integrate with pre-existing production processes.


These palletizing systems make it possible to form pallets of boxes using a minimum space inside the company. They use a Cartesian handling system capable of forming pallets up to 2.60 meters in height.
The entire structure has been subjected to FEM finite element structural calculations which guarantees maximum stability and resistance of the system even when it is subjected to important accelerations and decelerations required by very short cycle times.
The system is driven by a centralized robotic unit capable of handling an almost unlimited number of recipes, each of which represents a type of box having its own dimensions and palletizing layout.
Each recipe will recall a certain dynamic set by the box production cycle time and a palletization layout that can be totally customized using a dedicated and user-friendly template.
In fact, this template allows you to create the layout of the boxes on the pallet at will and customize it plan by floor if necessary.
Of the special devices moved by brushless motors, they allow the pallet to be equipped with cardboard corner guards which will then be tied through special fastening ropes, these systems also have the function of stabilizing the pallet, preventing the boxes from falling when the palletization reaches high heights.

Threading System

This device developed specifically under customer request uses a patented method for inserting the wires into special plastic frames.
All the handling is carried out by brushless motors whose tuning has been meticulously studied in order to obtain the best performances in order to reduce the system cycle time.
By means of special recognition devices it is possible to determine whether the plastic frame present in the specific storage system has been inserted correctly or not and provide an automatic part reject.
The technological evolution of this type of machine alongside our experience has led over the years to a substantial reduction in cycle time from around 28 seconds per piece to the current 13 seconds, allowing the end customer to duplicate the productivity of his company.

Special Pick and Place

The pick and place devices can be of different shapes and sizes and serve the positioning or movement of pieces of any type. In particular, in the photo there is a patented system for separating the food containers from the plate on which they are produced, these containers are then stacked by the pick and place system and made available for automatic packaging in transparent bags.
Despite the large masses involved in the application shown, it is particularly fast in movements, thanks to the use of brushless motors appropriately sized and configured by our engineers.
The entire system is able to serve multiple products, each with different characteristics, which are recalled through recipes that can be selected by the user via the operator panel.

Packaging System

In this case, our packaging devices allow the product to be wrapped and packaged inside the special card. The entire locking system is composed of several electric axes capable of simultaneously performing different operations in order to maximize productivity and minimizing cycle times.
An automatic warehouse manages the collection of the cards and the preparation for packaging.
Given the speed with which the system is working, multiple sensors have been prepared to control the production cycle, capable of interrupting the cycle avoiding mechanical damage to the machine itself.

Automatic Plant

This type of automatic islands interfaced with the company production system develop a cycle able to manage the product just printed until the final packaging stage. In particular, when we talk about automatic islands for plastic buckets, once the bucket has been removed from the press with the special robot, it is introduced into our cooling and sorting column system.
The product then passes to the labeling stations which can be frontal and / or lateral and after to a label application control system made by a smart camera.
Then we move on to the assembly of the handle on the bucket, using one of our handling machines which, based on the result of the application control of the label made in the previous station, will decide whether to carry out the assembly of the handle considering the product suitable to be stacked and subsequently packaged or less.
This type of island is able to interlock with two presses simultaneously, to do this a dual column cooling and sorting system has been set up.

Assembly System

Our various services also include assembly systems that have been completely developed under specific customer requests and can be completely customized. The example shown in the photographs shows a pin mounting system in plastic baskets.
The sorted pin through vibrator is identified and correctly oriented through the result provided by a smart camera.
Subsequently the same pin is inserted into the basket which has been previously selected from the storage columns.

Sealing Systems

Our sealing systems allow a gasket to be applied in a completely automatic way in a suitable material, appropriately designed with the sector's specialists, on the lids of plastic containers, allowing them to be opened and closed in a totally safe way without the risk of leaks.
The automatic station receives the material to be treated directly from the press, affixes the seal to it and stacks the same covers once the application is complete, all in extremely fast times.

Moving Srl

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