Form and Fitting Machine

Form and Fitting Machine

Form and Fitting Machine

Design and manufacture of form and fitting of metal handles machines for plastic buckets with production of the metal handle from bar. The revolutionary electric forming system combined with a quick format changeover system allows the machine to be very versatile and adapt perfectly to customer needs.


The latest development in the sector is the use of the machine to form the handle starting from a pre-cut iron bar.
There are many advantages of this type of machine that Moving, to complete its production range, wanted to include.
The forming device is autonomous and it can be adopted with few modifications by the existing machines of Moving production; in fact it is a modular part of the machine itself and allows the use of the fitting machine, both with the forming device and with the already pre-formed handles.
Moving in fact wanted to take into consideration all the customers who, having already purchased the machine previously, now want to be autonomous in the supply of the metal handles, greatly increasing the autonomy and independence from the personnel of the machine and the customers who, purchasing for the first time the machine, they want to gradually introduce this type of automation in their production.

Technical specifications

A peculiarity of this machine consists in the revolutionary system of forming the pin at the end of the handle, it is in fact realized through an electric system driven by brushless motors. This innovation makes it possible to obtain a "clean" device compared with a hydraulic drive and allows the adjustment of all the parameters necessary for forming directly from the operator panel.

All our machines use the best technologies such as state-of-the-art photocells, optical barriers and remote assistance systems; all the main movements are performed by brushless motors that allow a precise and reliable control of the movement increasing the efficiency and the reliability of the machine itself.

The possible customizations meet the specific requests and the great experience acquired by Moving in supplying machines to customers all over the world places it as the ideal partner to solve every problem related to the insertion of handles in buckets.

  • Revolutionary totally electric handle forming system
  • Short cycle times that increase productivity
  • Quick change kit to adapt to handles with different handle and bucket designs
  • Technologies patented and adapted to customer needs
  • High reliability and versatility
  • 100% customization of hardware and software
  • Competitive price

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