Handle Form and Fitting Machine

Handle Form and Fitting Machine


The latest development in the sector is the use of the machine to form the handle starting from a pre-cutted iron bar.
There are many advantages of this type of machine that Moving, to complete its production range, wanted to include.
The machine has been developed over the last few years and involves the forming of the pin with hydraulic heads which allow a very high force to be able to use also big bar diameters.
The development of these heads was designed for easy maintenance and access in the event of pin format changes.
The bar magazine can contain up to 800 bars with the possibility of expansion and a circular vibrator containing approximately 300 grippers (with the possibility of expansion with a refill hopper) allows for much greater autonomy compared to normal handle-fitting machines.

The handle shape forming system is driven by a brushless motor whose speed, torque and stroke can be adjusted and monitored in such a way as to adapt to all the customer's needs.
The entire system is designed to guarantee extreme easy use and design change of the handle .

Once the handle has been formed it is taken with a special system which excludes all possible distortions and eliminate material elastic return. This exclude any deformation of the preformed handles.
After the insertion has been completed, which can take place in a hole or slot, the buckets are stacked for a number decided by the operator panel and then unloaded once the set number has been reached.

Technical specifications

All our machines use the best technologies and are equipped with remote assistance systems; all the main movements are performed by brushless motors that allow a precise and reliable control of the movement increasing the efficiency and the reliability of the machine itself.

The possible customizations meet the specific requests and the great experience acquired by Moving in supplying machines to customers all around the world places it as the ideal partner to solve every problem related to the insertion of handles in buckets.

  • Any deformation of the preformed handles is overcome
  • Easy maintenance systems
  • Short cycle times that increase productivity
  • Quick change kit for different handle and bucket designs
  • Technologies patented and adapted to customer needs
  •  High reliability and versatility
  •  100% customization of hardware and software
  •  Very competitive price

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