In recent years, industrial automation is increasingly pushing towards the use of robots.
In the past, the use of this technology was limited to large industries and productive processes of a certain value. The space needed to install a robot, the difficulty of programming and its cost made this technology inaccessible to many companies.
Today the continuous technological development has led to the birth of new, more compact robots, with low costs and programmable in a simple and intuitive way.
Moving srl has chosen the best brand to integrate in its automations 6 axis robots and Scara in order to have a complete family of robots with a wide variety of models and multiple payload configurations to reach the customer needs in terms of cycle time and application including camera robot guide and quality inspection.

Boxing Application

Directly from a Moving assembly line we develop a special boxing system where two Denso robots work together catching and placing plastic parts into a carton box with a veterminate pattern.

Each layer is interspersed with a cardboard layer that robot which the robot will collect autonomously thanks to a special movement from the appropriate drawer which can be reloaded by the operator following an entry request.

Once finished, the box changing system is entirely managed by automation

Robots manage also scrap product determinated above by two cameras with A.I that check the logo quality on the parts. If the product is bad it will be placed in another box.

On fly Pick&Place

The application example developed by Moving and shown below shows a Comau Racer5 with a radius of 800mm with the function of pick and place of plastic objects with maximum precision and speed, 1.7sec for each piece.
The system is equipped with a camera capable of recognizing in real time the position of the piece (which can therefore arrive on the conveyor with any orientation) and by dialoguing with the robot it is able to correct the gripping trajectory, ensuring that the piece is always picked up in the correct way.
The camera is also able to identify even if the piece on the tape is not correct or is completely overturned, in this case the tape takes a step forward so as to automatically discard the piece.

Moving Srl

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