In recent years, industrial automation is increasingly pushing towards the use of robots.
In the past, the use of this technology was limited to large industries and productive processes of a certain value. The space needed to install a robot, the difficulty of programming and its cost made this technology inaccessible to many companies.
Today the continuous technological development has led to the birth of new, more compact robots, with low costs and programmable in a simple and intuitive way.
Moving srl has chosen COMAU, an Italian company with a solid presence in the major industrialized countries, as a partner in this sector.

COMAU is a world leader in the field of industrial automation. Its complete offer includes technologies and systems for the production of electric, hybrid and traditional vehicles, industrial robots, collaborative and wearable robotics solutions, autonomous vehicles for logistics, dedicated machining centers and interconnected digital services, capable of transmitting, process and analyze machine and process data. COMAU has a complete family of robots with a wide variety of models and multiple payload configurations.

Moving and Comau


The vision of Moving and Comau are intertwined in a synergistic way, as both companies have as priority research activities aimed at developing innovative automation solutions that face the challenges of a constantly evolving market and meet the new requirements determined by the digital revolution.
The versatility of Comau products allows Moving to integrate robotic technology within its automation and to customize the process according to customer needs.
Our systems, thanks to the integration of customized vision devices developed ad hoc for the customer, are able to serve every kind of need, maximizing production and reducing process costs.
I nostri sistemi grazie all’integrazione di apparati di visione personalizzati sviluppati ad hoc per il cliente riescono ad asservire ogni tipo di esigenza massimizzando la produzione e abbattendo i costi produttivi.

The link below shows an overview of all the available robots with their technical data:

Racer Robots

These new robots from the Comau range, available with 3kg or 5kg payloads and different arm lengths, are ideal for those applications that require speed and precision in small spaces.
The solid structure and programming versatility allow the use of this range of robots in the most varied industrial sectors.

Moving Application

The application example developed by Moving and shown below shows a Comau Racer5 with a radius of 800mm with the function of pick and place of plastic objects with maximum precision and speed, 1.7sec for each piece.
The system is equipped with a camera capable of recognizing in real time the position of the piece (which can therefore arrive on the conveyor with any orientation) and by dialoguing with the robot it is able to correct the gripping trajectory, ensuring that the piece is always picked up in the correct way.
The camera is also able to identify even if the piece on the tape is not correct or is completely overturned, in this case the tape takes a step forward so as to automatically discard the piece.

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