Special Devices

Special Devices

To meet all the needs, Moving srl provides the customer with a series of devices that can be adapted to the handle fitting machines in order to integrate them perfectly into their own production process.

Below are some examples.

Feeder for linked plastic handles

This type of device can be adapted to any type of our handle fitting machine and increases its performance since, through the use of plastic handles linked together, a very short charging time is reached during which it is possible to recharge 80/100 handles.
In this way the operator will have more "free time" that can be used for other productive activities.
The handles, after being reloaded with the aid of special guides, are selected one by one thanks to a special cutting system and then inserted into the bucket.

Fast feeder for metal handles

This type of feeder allows the operator a faster reloading of the handle magazine and an expansion of its capacity. In this way the machine will be able to work independently for more time, improving its performance and allowing the operator to perform other operations.

Flipper device

The flipper device is necessary in the case in which the buckets reach the inlet of the machine put upside down.
This type of equipment, which can be placed in line or sideways to the machine, allows the bucket to be turned upside down by placing it in the correct position for inserting the handle.

Bucket unloading system from under press

If the injection machine is not equipped with a robot for unloading the bucket, this special device located below the press allows the bucket to be "captured" and transferred to a conveyor placed in line with one of our handle fitting machines, making the cycle completely autonomous.

Fitting handle system by horizontal or vertical pull

When it is necessary for the insertion of the plastic handle to occur by "pulling" it vertically or horizontally, Moving has developed a special device that assists this function.
This system is able to develop a pull force greater than 40kg above the load required for insertion.

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