Plastic Handles

Plastic Handles

Moving can be numbered among the few companies in the world that produce handle fitting machines for plastic buckets with preformed or flat plastic handles, even joined together.
All types of handles are treated and many customizations are possible to create a machine specifically for the customer's product.


This type of handle fitting machine is able to automatically insert into the containers of all shapes and sizes a preformed or flat plastic handle with pins at the end.
We have various versions of this machine in order to extend its range of use as much as possible.

  • Handle fitting machines for preformed plastic handles
  • Handle fitting machines for standard flat plastic handles
  • Handle fitting machines for flat plastic handles with scramble type feeder
  • Handle fitting machines for flat plastic handles with feeder for linked handles

All our machines use the best technologies such as photocells, optical barriers and remote assistance systems; all the main movements are performed by brushless motors which allow a precise and reliable control of the movement, increasing the efficiency and reliability of the machine itself and allowing, through cutting-edge electronics, to solve any problem that may be encountered in the application.

Technical specifications

The possible customizations, through the use of patented systems, satisfy the specific requests and the great experience acquired by Moving in the supply of machines to customers all over the world places it as the ideal partner to solve every problem related to the insertion of the handles in the buckets.

  • Short cycle times that increase productivity
  • Various types of machines developed according to customer requirements
  • Technologies patented and adapted to customer needs
  • High reliability
  • High versatility that allows the machine to work even different products using a special conversion kit
  • 100% customization of hardware and software
  • Competitive price

Moving Srl

Moving Srl, a company specialized in the field of automation engineering for the construction of special machines and equipment, designed to meet the different specifications and needs of the customer, using the most modern design, construction, assembly and control technologies on the market today.

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