Moving Srl

Moving Srl

Moving Srl a company specialized in the field of automation engineering, construction automation machinery and special equipment, in particular develops automation machines and equipment to meet the different and specific request of customers, using the most modern technologies to design, manufacture, assembly and automation today on the market.

Its Know how is based on over 30 years of activity 'always in the design and manufacture of automation machines special equipment and plants, provides assurance to the resolution of problems related to the most different kinds.

The continuous development and updating of the tecnology used allows the certainty of realizations in step with the times, taking into account to reduce costs and to have the best performance achievements.

The passion for this branch of industry that characterizes the staff of the Moving is' the security of having trained and competent operators.

Moving for many years has expanded its range to Europe and beyond, allowing you to gain new experiences and facing different needs of the foreign market, experiences of which the customer can 'use.