Automatic Storage Units

Design and manufactor Automatic storage Warehouses for any autonomy, any kind of material, filler boxes for each product, with counting or weighing pieces, and handling of cargo in the warehouse automatic.

The company has for years developed special patented devices in the sector of plastic materials molding, allowing to increase the capacity of filling molded pieces collection boxes coming from the molding press.
These devices are automatic storage units containing different boxes for collecting pieces and which are capable, in a completely automatic way, to change the box automatically, according to a priority that can be numerical- or weight-related.
The peculiarity of these devices is to use the space above the press, thus offering a large capacity and a minor overall size.
Recently these devices allow, within the scope of quality ISO 9000 regulations, to automatically pick up samples for the required controls to ensure the imposed quality standard.

Autopack 1

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Automatic storage units autopack 1

Storage unit having a compact size to be installed next to the press with the possibility to extend it also over the press.

Autopack 2

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Automatic storage units autopack 2

Autopack 2.


Autopack 3

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Automatic storage units autopack 3

Autopack 3.

Autopack 4

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Automatic storage units autopack 4

Autopack 4.

Autopack 5

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Automatic storage units autopack 5

Storage unit to cool down pressed aluminium components picked up and placed by human-like robot.

The robot hands the hot die-cast component on installed cooling fans and at the same time it picks up another cold component to send it to next processing.

Vertical table

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Vertical tableIn a narrow space, very narrower than the horizontal rotary table, it allows to use up to 6 boxes or bags with the suitable adapter.

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