Metal handle forming and fitting machines

Project and construction metal handle forming and fitting machine by straight pre-cut wires

Handle-forming and -fitting machine with all device as stacker buckets ,check IML label with camera and so on, for plastic buckets and pails.
The handle-forming and -fitting machine is available in many different kind of solution, to satisfy every customer's request

Forming handles machine

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Natural evolution of the form and fitting stell handles machine is only form steel handles machine .
This machine can'work independently, but can also be an improvement to all who have already fitting stell handles machines with manual feeder.
It'was designed to be installed quickly and safely aboard the traditional machines, trasforming  in forming and fitting handles machine.
This transformation is not invasive  for fitting steel hanldes machine and the same may at any time return to work as before


Autonomy Forming steel handles machine from steel rod

More compact and easy to use



The machine can work in fully autonomy, stand alone, or closer to other fitting handles machine


Handles forming and fitting machine

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Latest novelty of the sector is the development of the machine, which forms the handles starting from iron pre-cut wires.

This Moving machine has many advantages allowing completing its already wide production range.

The handle forming device is independent to the extent it can be fitted in all Moving existing and running machines with a few adaptations, indeed this device is a module of the machine itself and allows using the handle-fitting machine both with the handle forming module or with already preformed handles.

Moving wanted to value all its customers, who had already bought the machine and who now desire to be independent in the supply of metal handles, thus enormously increasing the machine autonomy from the handle-fitting machine personnel and also favouring those customers who, purchasing for the first time the handle-fitting machine gradually would like to introduce this type of automation in their production line.

Forming and fitting stell handles

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Forming and fitting stell handles

Layout lateral left side

Forming and fitting stell handles

Layout rear side

Forming and fitting stell handles

Layout lateral right side

stiylized version fully PC controlled